Boulder Cafe

I went to the Boulder Cafe this past Monday evening to kick back with some friends. The initial draw for going to the Boulder Cafe is the cheap happy hour. All drinks and all appetizers are half off. Plus the location of the Boulder Cafe is great if you want to keep bar hopping because it is right on the Pearl Street walking mall. While there, I ordered the Apple Cider drink and added tequila. As a speciality drink this cost about twice as much as the beers but since it was still half off it was well worth it. The temperature outside was frigid and the sidewalks were icy so I wanted a drink that would heat me up. This one certainly did! I couldn’t even taste the tequila which means this drink was dangerously delicious! For food I ordered the Chicken Quezza which is a Mexican pizza. Basically its a tortilla with cheese, chicken, and I think  jalapeños on top? They serve it with sour cream and a very spicy salsa. The quezza was alright but nothing to talk about. I still haven’t ordered the mussels or oysters yet which my friends always brag about. For my second drink I got a trusty Sawtooth which is always good. Don’t forget friends that Monday night at the Downer (Sundown Saloon) is mystery cans where a mystery can of beer is only a dollar. You can get classic favorites like Colt 45, PBR, and Hamm’s. How could you possibly go wrong? Until the next shenanigans. 🙂 ©

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