J&L Distilling Company

Chautauqua Cocktail with Flatirons View

Chautauqua Cocktail with Flatirons View

Chautauqua with Basil Garnish

Chautauqua with Basil Garnish









Now this place is the absolute bees knees and no one really knows about them yet. Partially because they are new, partially because they are in a weird location, but most of all because they need more publicity! J&L’s tasting room opened last summer and I cannot wait for them to pop off this summer.  Their liquor is starting to get into more stores and restaurants in Boulder so I think their popularity is bound to grow. Also, they will be more popular in summer because the tasting room extends out on to their balcony which is amazing to sit out on when the weather is warm. The tasting room is very tiny. There are three two person tables and maybe 8 bar stools. Now the space might be tiny, but the service, alcohol, and drink concoctions are fantastic. J&L does not serve food, but they do put out some tasty pretzels. They distill three types of alcohol, a gin, a vodka, and a liqueur. Now I never gravitate to any of these types of alcohol but man oh man J&L can make me come back time and time again. They use quality ingredients and every drink tastes and feels fresh and light. My favorite drink is the Chautauqua which comes garnished with fresh basil. It’s my favorite because it reminds me of a Lime Ricky, my favorite sweet summer drink when I was a kid in New England. What is also great about J&L is that you get free tasters of each kind of their distilled alcohol when you go for the first time and you can also sign up for their mailing list and learn about cool happenings like their bottling parties which I will be signing up for soon! Here is a link to their website for hours and location information. Cheers! For events and bottling party info go to their Facebook page. ©

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