My goodness, so I went to Basta with the momma the Wednesday before Valentine’s Day and it was fantastic! The service was out of this world, I felt like a VIP. My mom definitely knows how to get spot on service from a place. In case you are not familiar, Pizzeria Basta is located in Boulder and is known for cooking all of its dishes in the wood fire oven. We were told that another restaurant similar to Basta with more of a lunch eatery concept will open in Denver in a few months so look out for that. I will also note that the restaurant is particularly hard to find at first because it is inside an apartment complex off of Arapahoe Ave. Enough of that, let’s talk food!

We started our meal with the buttercup cheese which comes with crispy crackers I guess you would call them. The cheese was very good. It needed to come up to room temperature before we could truly appreciate it though. The waiter told us that they were just starting the process of airing the cheese on a wood block before serving so that it would be up to temp. The kitchen staff also brought out a cherry mostarda to go with the cheese plate. Basically this is a ball of cherry like jam substance with mustard seeds. It complemented the cheese very well but I am not the biggest cherry preserves lover. I find cherries to be too sweet unless they are fresh fruit. Next we tried wood roasted clams. These clams were delicious. This was my first time experiencing hard shell clams as opposed to soft shell clams. It was also a nice change of pace to have clams instead of mussels. Next we tried the arctic char pate and the chicken wing confit. My mom is a vegetarian so the wings were all for me. How divine. The wings were in a delicious spicy sauce and had a truly unique flavor I cannot place. You just have to try and see for yourselves. The pate and fish skin was delicious and had that healthy fatty taste and also the wood burn fire taste. Basically they throw the entire skin of a fish in the oven for 5 seconds so that it puffs up and turns crispy like a chip. We were clearly indulging ourselves with this meal and decided we must split a salad and pizza. We chose to try the romaine hearts salad because it was dressed with olive oil and lemon, two fresh, light, and airy ingredients. For the pizza we tried the daisy which is a classic margarita pizza. Unfortunately the pizza was taken out of the oven a few seconds too soon was too wet. 😦 After all that I was hoping the pizza would have been perfect. Besides the wetness you can tell that it would have been divine because the ingredients were so fresh and I liked the red sauce they used. Overall the meal was great and I will definitely go back. It is great to be able to sample a few small plates and split a dish with a friend. They also have three entrees you can try from, but if I got an entree I wouldn’t be able to eat with such great variety as I did this time. To top it all off we got the Tiramisu which was great. Drinks of the evening allude me. I know there was a mixed drink, house red, a white of some sort, and a dark beer but they have since changed the drink menu so I cannot recollect everything that was tried. They do have a good selection though and the cocktails are all enchanting concoctions.

As always, here is a link to the restaurant. Give it a try. For mouthwatering images click here. ©

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