Japango-Happy Hour

Recently I went to Japango for happy hour, because as usual my intense craving for sushi hit me with a vengeance. I went with linds and we decided to split the gyoza appetizer which are homemade panfried pork and chicken potstickers. The potstickers were alright, nothing too extraordinary. The sauce that comes with the potstickers on the side just slides right off the potstickers. Lindsey got a hot sake and I got the house wine which was nice and dry and not sweet. For our entree we decided to split three speciality rolls. We chose the Colorado roll, the Hawaiian roll (rainbow roll), and the Aquaman roll. The Colorado roll is spicy tuna, cucumber, albacore tuna, fried onions and ponzu sauce. The fried onions were delicious, definitely could not get enough of those. The Hawaiian roll was your basic rainbow roll with 7 different kinds of raw fish around a center filled with crab meat, avocado, cucumber & smelt roe. I love to get a rainbow roll because the variety of fish is refreshing and it is fun to navigate which ones you and your dinner mate will get to try. The last specialty roll called the Aquaman was the most unique one that we tried. It includes salmon, cream cheese, tempura asparagus, tobiko, onion, and is topped with avocado, macadamia nuts & honey. I liked the juxtaposition of the sweet and sour combination with this roll and thought the honey was really great and not as weird as it may sound. Plus the nuts gave the roll a nice crunch. When you think about it salmon can be complimented extremely well with savory and sweet ingredients. The special rolls were $2 off, hot sake was $3, and house wine was $4. I was very happy to finally get my sushi fix and writing about this all right now makes me think I just may need another one. A friend just told me about Sushi Leo in Longmont, CO and I think that will be my next place to try out and compare. Stay tuned! ©

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