Thai Kitchen

For my mom’s birthday this past Sunday we decided to try Boulder’s Thai Kitchen because we had heard some good reviews. Normally we get all of our Thai food from Buddha Thai but we were looking to mix things up. We decided on takeout and ordered one order of the vegetarian egg rolls, an order of the fried wontons, one sweet basil pork fried rice, and one goong cashew dish. The fried wontons were horrible. I would not recommend them to anyone. They were too crisped up almost the point of being burnt and it seemed like they maybe came frozen. Nothing seemed fresh about the wontons and they were completely lacking in a lot of filling. It seemed there was just a tiny pork ball in the center. I was highly disappointed with these. The vegetarian egg rolls were alright. At least they were hot to the touch unlike the wontons and had a good crisp, but something about the flavor was off to me. I did like the sweet sauce that came with these but what isn’t to like about a sugary sauce. I did not try my mom’s dish the going cashew but she seemed to enjoy it. I did however like my sweet basil pork fried rice. It had nice flavors and was not very greasy like how Buddha Thai can be. Thai Kitchen seems to be trying a healthier, lighter approach to Thai food which I can appreciate. I can say that I would try some of their other dishes again but would not even waste my time thinking about getting the fried wontons. ©

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