The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse remains held in my heart as an extremely special place. It is hard to describe why I love this dark, overly cluttered dive bar so much. Perhaps it is because I have never had a bad experience here or because the burgers I continue to get taste like juicy heaven and the kitchen staff sing Sweet Caroline into the mic when my order is ready. Or maybe it is because every time I go I see something on the walls or hanging from the ceilings I have never seen before.

Expect consistent good quality burgers and beer here. I guess The Dark Horse and I go so well together because The Dark Horse remains unpretentious and predictable. I can count on this bar to cheer me up or lift me up when I am already feeling great. The Dark Horse also hosts some pretty awesome events during the week. Tuesday is trike night, Wednesday is trivia, Thursday is Karaoke (somehow I have always avoided this event), and Friday is my beloved bingo night where sometimes you can try and win a much needed 500 dollar cash prize. Fingers crossed next time I go. Last night I ended up at The Dark Horse for trike night. I still have not participated but love to go and watch the fun. The initial trike course required driving around on the trike from the back bar to the stage, taking a shot and spinning on a bar stool on the stage, and then continuing the ride back to where you started where you had to chug a beer before your partner could do the same thing for their turn. This is all timed of course and teams get to choose their song to trike to and their team name. Yesterday I found out that the shots are no longer a part of it and the beer chugging cannot be enforced so the event isn’t as epic. Lame. But of course if you want to follow a traditional trike course you can still make that happen. One pint of beer (bud light) comes free per team member. Then after every team goes the scores are tallied up and prizes are handed out. Tshirt’s, pitchers, and the like. Of course if both team members fall off the trike in the exact same spot which does happen sometimes, as it did last night, those teams are guaranteed to win something for such a valiant effort. The MC is always on top of his game and ready to make fun of you so be prepared. 🙂 Here’s a link. Go! You won’t regret it. For the most recent info check out their Facebook page. ©

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