This past weekend I ended up at Aji for breakfast. This was my first time going here to eat and I was excited because I had wanted to try them and I really like their sister restaurant next door named Leaf. I am a strong believer in supporting restaurants that farm and harvest their own ingredients as these two restaurants do. Since Leaf is so great I thought Aji would be the same way. Unfortunately I was underwhelmed by their Sunday brunch performance. Aji, features a Latin American cuisine and I was expecting something great. I ordered a bloody mary and the benito de carnitas which came with poached eggs, carnitas, pepper rajas, corn tortillas, hollandaise, and pico de gallo. The bloody mary wasn’t particularly special. I think it may have been too salty, but I did like the slice of bacon it came with. The benito de carnitas did not really have any redeeming qualities except for the potatoes that came with it. My eggs were not poached. The yolk was hard in the center which completely ruins a meal for me. The corn tortillas only added an unnecessary heaviness to the dish and there was nothing remarkable about the hollandaise or peppers. My carnitas were also fatty, chewy, and tough. I will not be returning to Aji anytime soon. I may try out their happy hour at some point to see if they can produce a better dinner meal since the breakfast was utterly subpar. The most redeeming quality of the meal was the unexpected spicy tiny cornbread muffins and butter brought to the table before the meal. Also I did not like that their water was not very cold. ©


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