D Bar

Molten cake thingy everybody has…(but ours is gluten free)

D Bar Restaurant is a dessert bar located in Denver. I went here about a month ago and still crave going back. According to their website they have closed their location on 17th Street where I went and are opening a new location this summer on 19th in One City Block. It may be for the best, because if they were open right now I might just have to jump in my car and head over. I thought I had lost my childhood sweet tooth and moved on to a more sophisticated salt induced palate. Alas, I was lying to myself and D Bar let me know so. Not only are their desserts beyond tasty but presentation is impeccable. I have been dropping the ball on taking pictures of my food, but D Bar’s presentation made it impossible not to pull out my phone.


Banana's Foster

Faux foster banana imposter 2.0

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

As always here is a link to their website for more information. Don’t forget to like my post! ©


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