Vine Street and the like.

Recently, I went to Vine Street in Denver. This was my first time there. Normally, I go to Southern Sun in Boulder which is part of the same brewery chain as Vine Street and Mountain Sun. Vine Street is smaller than Southern Sun but offers the same food options. I am not quite sure if any of the restaurants deviate from one another with different beers or food. I’ll have to ask my friend who works at Southern if he knows. I always gravitate towards the wings or a basil blue cheeseburger when I go. They are both so delicious. The wings are tender and plump and juicy. YUM. My mouth is watering just thinking about them right now. Not only is the food good but the beer is delicious and the service is always pretty great. A few times I have had meal mistakes and the servers have always been generous enough to comp me or make things right. I love a lot of their beers. What you choose mostly comes down to individual preferences. Whether you are an IPA guy, a dark beer gal, or the like you will be able to find an option that you will enjoy. Their ‘number one’ beer is one of my favorites. Very high in ABV, tasty, and a Belgian Tripel this beer is the trifecta of good. If you haven’t been to any of these locations you know where you have to go next. If in Denver go to Vine Street and if in Boulder go to Southern. You will not be disappointed, especially on a beautiful day like today where you can sit outside on the patio. Oh yeah did I mention they have books to read and games to play? WHAT? I’m sold.

P.S. Check out their music calendar on their website for a list of shows at their different locations. Thursday = Under the Sun, Saturday = Vine St., Sunday = Mountain Sun, and Monday = Southern Sun. ©

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