Sanitas Brewing Co.

I guess I have been drinking more beer recently than I even realized. The weather is starting to get nicer. We are finally officially in spring, which means BEER. I mean summer, fall, and winter also mean beer but hey I have to rationalize the spike in my brewery visits somehow. Let’s review. Sanitas Brewing Co. is a newish brewery to Boulder. I believe it was founded in 2013, but I am not quite sure because their Facebook page has conflicting info. Like many other breweries in Boulder it is located in a random warehouse/office depot. I visited here again for my third time last week and am still a fan. The space is large, open, and inviting. It will definitely be even more fun to visit during the day when the weather is consistently nice because they have an outdoor patio and grassy lawn. Last week I had two of their beers. First I had the Boulder Common which I really enjoy. It is a pale lager and doesn’t leave a bitter after taste like a lot of beers, but has a smooth consistent finish. I would get this beer on the regular. The other beer I tried was the Homestead Ale which is not currently listed on their website. Yet you can conveniently find their current draft list on their Facebook page.

This beer had more of that tart after taste affect which I do not enjoy as much but the overall body of the beer was very interesting. It tasted somewhat like peaches but what I really kept tasting was agave nectar. Strange. Foodwise Sanitas partners with McDevitt Taco Supply. They have a taco stand outside the indoor seating area/bar that you can order food from. They have  chicken, pork, vegan, and daily special options which change daily. I highly recommend the chicken taco. They are only stationed at Sanitas on Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday. All week, not including Sunday they can be found on Pearl Street instead. Per usual here are links to the websites to get more information about the food and bevs.

P.S. Sanitas is closed on Mondays aka TODAY. Don’t be disappointed though, tomorrow will be here before you know it! ©

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