Four Quick Reviews

This post will briefly discuss a few restaurants in Boulder I have recently visited.

  1. Hapa: Boulder,CO—This sushi restaurant is consistently good and not too expensive. I really like their miso soup and if I go with one other person ordering three rolls to split between the two of us seems adequate. They are located on Pearl St. and used to be located on the hill but that restaurant has since been renamed Hana when it was bought my new owners in 2012. Website.
  2. Sloans: Edgewater, CO—This restaurant is located in Edgewater, Colorado outside of Denver. I have been here a handful of times for brunch after a night out of drinking. Their bennies and burgers are good. The highlight of Sloans is the bloody bar, the pickles kept tableside and the large mason jars of water. These three things make for a perfect hangover cure. The bloody bar is fantastic. They bring you the glass of vodka (now they have a couple of infused choices) and you go up and add all of the fixins’ you could imagine. Don’t be like some of my oblivious friends though and pick up the vodka and drink it straight as if it were your water glass. You may think this is a ridiculous thing to do but I have been witness to two such occasions with different people. Oh my. Website. Facebook.
  3. Tsing Tao: Boulder, CO—I tried this restaurant hoping to finally find some good Chinese in Boulder. Unfortunately, that still does not exist. The vegetarian egg rolls were only stuffed with a bunch of pepper and cabbage. I don’t understand why there were no other vegetables inside. Talk about a rough appetizer. I also got the crab cheese wontons to try which were better than the eggrolls but not by much. The ratio of wonton was much greater than the filling, which is also a minus. The moo shu pork was alright. The pork was pretty wet and mushy and the dish could definitely have used more vegetables but was not inedible. The biggest disappointment overall though was the fried rice. It had absolutely nothing added to it. I took ten minutes at home to doctor it up and made it taste phenomenal. Some salt, pepper, onion, fried egg, and a little soy sauce goes a long way. Good fried rice is rather elementary and the fact they couldn’t pull that off is a huge red flag. Website.
  4. Drakes Haus: Boulder, CO—This is a relatively new (they have been open for a year) burger joint in Boulder, boasting the phrase “home of the merlot burger”. They are located in the shopping center north of The Dark Horse on Baseline Road. All burgers are 3oz. You can purchase one for $5.25 or two for $8. The premade choices are inspired from different countries and states. I tried Boulder Burger (Vegetarian) with grilled Portobello mushroom slices, goat cheese, caramelized onions, and arugula. I obviously added a merlot beef patty. Yum. It was quite tasty. The location of the place throws me for a loop though. It is right next to a McDonalds and The Dark Horse, two restaurants that serve burgers. They do have a different concept then both of them and also offer a full bar so we shall see if competition becomes a problem in the future. I also ordered the Med Fries, which are hand-cut and tossed with sea salt, lemon juice, feta, and fresh basil. I wish there was some way to infuse the potato with the feta so that each bite had a consistent feta taste. I am a feta freak! Overall I think that the food here was good and I would go back again, but come on The Dark Horse will always call my name louder.  Facebook. ©
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