The Glenn–Charleston, MO

Every once in a while I travel outside of Colorado and of course I eat! Yet it is only ever so often that I need to make a shout out to a place. This blog post is a shout out to a restaurant in the small town of Charleston, Missouri named The Glenn. I was thoroughly impressed by this dining experience. Charleston is a hub of southern hospitality, but not a town for foodies who like to eat out at restaurants. The food served at The Glenn is fantastic. I ordered the fried green tomatoes as a starter plate and had the rib eye medium rare with mashed potatoes and green beans for my main course. Wow! The fried green tomatoes were delicious, the steak was one for the books, and the mashed potatoes were out of this world. Seriously, I need to get that potato recipe. I could eat them everyday. I was also lucky enough to try the catfish and it was great. It melted in my mouth like haddock from New England does. I honestly wish I could transport this restaurant to Boulder. I would visit them weekly. I hope they are able to stay in town and if by an unlikely chance of fate you are ever driving through Charleston stop here. Or maybe you should drive there just for them. 🙂 Facebook. ©

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